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Soap Box

Here’s where we stick announcements, updates and general scribblings. Do pop back from time to time to see what’s new in AllBuilding land.


You could be working with AllBuilding sooner than you think!

We’ve had a last minute postponement which means we have capacity to take on another project now. We have commitments over the next month or so, but if you’re planning any development this year, here’s a great opportunity to bring all or some of that project forward. Please ring Bill to discuss on 07973206098.


“Your testimonials are exemplary”

In an age when companies hassle you for feedback for simply answering the phone, not surprisingly people are getting weary of leaving reviews and feedback, so it’s always great to receive positive comment on projects as there is no doubting its importance in the decision process for new customers. For our most recent win, we were blown away by the positivity our new customer had received from the contacts from previous projects we had put her in touch with as referees. Of course the quality of work is important, but equally, how easy a company is to work with is crucial.


It’s over…

You’ve changed. Remember those early, reckless days when we were getting to know each other? The banter, that feeling of intrusion, trying to keep disturbance to a minimum, always feeling there was too much mess and trying to keep it to a minimum. 

Of course, building confidence had always been the watchword. You’ve been burned before and you were wondering if your expectations were too high. Could it possibly work this time or would it all end in bitter disappointment? Little by little, things took shape. Our discussions and planning seemed to be working out. Inevitably, we got to know each other better. Perhaps that wasn’t surprising, after all we met all the time and we even had a front door key by then. But suddenly, we both realised that an ending was inevitable. Too soon? We’d always known that it wouldn’t last forever. In a way, you wanted it over as soon as possible of course, get things back to how they were

Or could it be that our building project has come to an end and we’re moving on to pastures new? We hope to hear from you from time to time of course, and you may even mention us to your friends. Never mind the building project itself, it’s a huge thing having your most personal possession invaded on a daily basis and the success of that project has as much to do with its management and communication as the quality of work itself. Hope we came up to scratch. But it’s over and we’ll miss you.